PCI 2007   18-20 May 2007, Patras, Greece

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Program Committee co-Chair

Th. Papatheodorou, U of Patras Bullet D. Christodoulakis, U of Patras

Program Committee

Th. Alevizos, TEI of Kavala o G. Alexiou, U of Patras Bullet  G. Akrivis, U of Ioannina Bullet  G. Antoniou, U of Crete Bullet  Ν. Avouris, U of Patras Bullet C. Chamzas, Democritus U of Thrace Bullet S. Christodoulakis, Technical U of Crete Bullet D. Christodoulakis, U of Patras Bullet V. Chryssikopoulos, Ionian U Bullet P. Constantopoulos, Athens U of Economics and Business Bullet C. Courcoubetis, Athens U of Economics and Business Bullet A. Delis, U of Athens Bullet V. Dougalis, U of Athens Bullet G. Doukidis, Athens U of Economics and Business Bullet C. Douligeris, U of Piraeus Bullet S. Evripidou, U of Cyprus Bullet D. Fotiadis, U of Ioannina Bullet E. Gallopoulos, U of Patras Bullet C. Goutis, U of Patras Bullet D. Gritzalis, Athens U of Economics and Business Bullet St. Gritzalis, U of the Aegean Bullet M. Hatzopoulos, U of Athens o H. Houstis, U of Thessaly Bullet Y. Ioannidis, U of Athens Bullet N. Kalouptsidis, U of Athens Bullet A. Kaloxylos, U of Peloponnese Bullet N. Karanikolas, TEI of Athens Bullet G. Karayannis, National Technical U of Athens Bullet S. Katsikas, U of the Aegean Bullet D. Kavvadias, U of Patras Bullet S. Kollias, National Technical U of Athens Bullet N. Koudas, U of Toronto Bullet E. Koutsoupias, U of Athens Bullet Y. Kirousis, National Technical U of Athens Bullet N. Lorentzos, Agricultural U of Athens Bullet V. Maglaris, National Technical U of Athens Bullet A. Malamos, TEI of Crete Bullet Y. Manolopoulos, Aristotle U Bullet K. Margaritis, U of Macedonia Bullet D. Martakos, U of Athens Bullet L. Merakos, U of Athens Bullet G. Moustakidis, U of Thessaly Bullet C. Nikolaou, U of Crete Bullet D. Nikolos, U of Patras Bullet S. Panas, Aristotle U of Thessaloniki Bullet G. Pantziou, TEI of Athens Bullet C. Papadimitriou, U of California at Berkeley Bullet Y. Papakonstantinou, U of California at San Diego Bullet Th. Papatheodorou, U of Patras Bullet M. Papazoglou, U of Tilburg Bullet M. Paterakis, Technical U of Crete Bullet G. Pavlidis, U of Patras Bullet I. Pitas, Aristotle U Bullet E. Pitoura, U of Ioannina Bullet D. Plexousakis, U of Crete Bullet K. Polyxronopoulos, U of Athens Bullet T. Sellis, National Technical U of Athens Bullet D. Serpanos, U of Patras Bullet M.Sideri, Athens U of Economics and Business Bullet A. Skodras, Hellenic Open University Bullet C. Skourlas, TEI of Athens Bullet D. Spinellis, Athens U of Economics and Business Bullet P. Spirakis, U of Patras, RACTI Bullet C.D. Spyropoulos, NCSR "DEMOKRITOS" Bullet S. Stamou, U of Patras Bullet I. Stavrakakis, U of Athens Bullet E. Sykas, National Technical U of Athens Bullet W. Szpankowski, Purdue U Bullet V. Tampakas, TEI of Patras Bullet L. Tassiulas, U of Thessaly Bullet Y. Theodoridis, U of Piraeus Bullet S. Theodoridis, U of Athens Bullet S. Thomopoulos, NCSR "DEMOKRITOS" Bullet B. Triantafillou, TEI of Mesologgi Bullet P. Triantafyllou, U of Patras Bullet A. Tsakalidis, U of Patras Bullet P. Tsanakas, National Technical U of Athens Bullet V. Tsaousidis, Demokritos U of Thrace Bullet P. Tsigas, Chalmers U of Technology Bullet E. Varvarigos, U of Patras Bullet N. Vasilas, TEI of Athens Bullet M. Vassilakopoulos, TEI of Thessaloniki Bullet M. Vrahatis, U of Patras Bullet S. Zachos, National Technical U of Athens

Organizing Committee

C. Bouras, U of Patras Bullet D. Christodoulakis, U of Patras Bullet A. Ilias, U of Patras Bullet N. Ioannidis, Chairman of EPY Bullet N. Karanikolas, Secretary General of EPY Bullet C. Koilias, Treasurer of EPY Bullet A. Vri, U of Patras

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