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Volume A

Invited Lectures

Metamodeling as a Concept --Page:21
Intelligent Information Medical Systems --Page:25

Human-Computer Interaction

The evolution of FPS games controllers: how use progressively shaped their present design --Page:37
Supporting Conceptual Design in Collaborative Virtual Environments --Page:47
Critical Constructs of Digital Library Interaction --Page:57
On the performance of novice evaluators in in usability evaluations --Page:67
Evaluating e-travel sites with the use of design patterns --Page:77
Interaction platform administration strategies: Practice and experience --Page:87
Beyond normative provisions of usability: integrating the activity perspective in IS development process --Page:97
Automatic Music Tempo and Timbre Change Based on Pitch Detection and Image Analysis --Page:107
Comparative usability evaluation of web systems through ActivityLens --Page:115
Virtual Museum Interface Evaluation: the ARCO case --Page:127
System based on Multiple Criteria Analysis for Scientific Paper Recom-mendation --Page:135
Remote Usability Evaluation Methods and Tools: A Survey --Page:151

Data Bases, Work Flow and Data Mining

Applying Data Mining Methodologies for Auditor Selection --Page:165
Measurements and Community Detection on the World Wide Web: The Case of the Greek Web --Page:179
Combining Classification and Model Trees for Handlin Ordinal Problems --Page:197
Tarski algebraic operations on the frame database model (FDB) --Page:207
Current Trends in Time Series Representation --Page:217
Clustering Wireless Network Subscribers --Page:227

Information Systems

Providing Recommendations in an Open Collaboration System --Page:239
Content-based Information Retrieval in Steaming Music --Page:249
Wireless Mesh Routing Protocols For Health Communication Systems --Page:261
A Recommender System using Principal Component Analysis --Page:271
Controlling Risks in ICT investments with Real Options thinking --Page:285

Software Engineering

Software Quality Assessment of Open Source Software --Page:303
Code Improvement: Implementing Design Patterns to Java EE Applications --Page:317
Evaluating E-Commerce Sites with AI Tools: a modelling approach --Page:331
The Orderliness and Precision in Conceptual Modelling --Page:341
AynOmel 3D: A Pattern-Based Game Framework --Page:351
StudentUML: An Educational Tool Supporting Object-Oriented Analysis and Desing --Page:363
Methodology for Requirements Analysis and Design in Development of Service-Oriented Information Systems --Page:375

Web Search and Mining - Information Retrieval

Success Index: Measuring the Efficiency of seatch Engines Using Implicit User Feedback --Page:387
Automatically Annotating the ODP Web Taxonomy --Page:397
Estimating Collection Size in Distributed Search --Page:409
An Internet real-time programming technique for monitoring cache changes --Page:417
Using linkage information to approximate the distribution of relevant documents in DIR --Page:423
An Ontology for Integrated Searching of Hypermidia in a Distributed Server Evironment --Page:433
Pattern-Based Retrieval of Cultural Heritage Images --Page:443
QuadSearch: A Novel Metasearch Engine --Page:453

AI/Knowledge bases

The Road to Quantum Artificial Intelligence --Page:469
Object-Oriented Modeling of RDF Schema Ontologies --Page:479
Augmenting semantic queries using Personalization techniques --Page:491
A Tool for Managing Domain Metadata in a Web-based Intelligent Tutorinng System --Page:505
Converting First Order Logic into Natural Language --Page:517
Speech Synthesis by Artificial Neural Networks --Page:527

Digital Libraries and NLP

Modeling Newspaper Information Workflow for Cross Media Publishing --Page:539
Development of a Greek biomedical corpus --Page:549

Algorithms and Complexity

Convergence to Approximate Equilibria in Congestion Games among Coalitions --Page:559
Approximate and Well-supported Approximate Nash Equilibria of Random Bimatrix Games --Page:569
Application Of Heuristics, Genetic Algorithms & Integer Programming At A Public Enterprise Water Pump Scheduling System --Page:579
Constraint Handling Methods in Genetic Algorithms --Page:591
Path-related vertex colorings of graphs --Page:607
Generalizing Alcuin's River Crossing Problem --Page:617
Maximum Request Satisfaction in WDM Rings: Algorithms and Experiments --Page:627
Conflict-free Coloring for Connected Subgraphs of Trees and Trees of Rings --Page:643
Analysis of the Greek Web-Space --Page:651

Volume B


Assigning Gene Ontology terms to biotext by classification methods --Page:19
Identifying and Deploying Kinetics Internally with SBML --Page:29
SBML-Bridge: An XML Pathway Converting Tool --Page:39
Automatic Measurement of Thyroid Gland --Page:49
GNS:A Tool for the Analysis of Gene Regulatory Networks --Page:59
ORERAS for Space: Formal Modelling of Autonomous Spacecrafts --Page:69
Formal Modelling for In-silico Experiments with Social Insect Colonies --Page:79

Computer Security

Reversible Image Watermarking Based on Histogram Modification --Page:93
Countering SQL Injection Attacks with a Database Driver --Page:105
Generating adaptive security policies and automated configuration scenarios in intrusion management systems --Page:117
An Optimal Monte Carlo Type Byzantine Agreement Protocol --Page:131
On the asymptotic behaviour of formal logic based trust models --Page:141
Simulating Bandwidth-Limited Worms, One Graph to Rule Them All? --Page:151

Computer/Sensor Hardware and Architecture

Thermal Analysis of the Shared Register File in VLIW Architectures --Page:165
Array Redistribution Algorithms for Bidirectionnal Processor Rings --Page:177
AMPLE: Automatic MaPping of aLgorithms for Embedded systems --Page:187
A Double Negative-base Number representation system and Arithmetic Operations --Page:199

Industry and Innovations in Information and Communication Technologies

The innovation adoption process for broadband services --Page:213
Direction of INTRASOFT International to Software Development --Page:223
IC³ Validation Brief --Page:231
"EXELIXI'S"- TIRIS Fuel Controller System A RFID Technology Application --Page:243
Fuzzy Interval Numbers (FINs) techniques and applications --Page:255

Grid and Cluster Computing

Generalized Performance Model for Flexible Approximate String Matching on a Distributed System --Page:279
Enabling a Network Simulation Application on Grid Infrastructure. --Page:289
GridTorrent: Optimizing data transfers in the Grid with collaborative sharing. --Page:299
Introducing Fault Tolerance into Process Nerworks --Page:311

Image and Video Processing

A Novel Thresholding Method for Text Separation and Document Enhan-cement --Page:323
Feature Analysis of Chromatic or Achromatic Components based on Tensor Voting and Text Segmentation using Separated Clustering Algorithm --Page:331
Greek Handwritten Character Recognition --Page:343
Three-Dimensional Multiple Layer Extended Target Modeling for Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar Studies in Target Identification --Page:353
Text detection in video frames --Page:361
A Robust Face Clustering Algorithm Based on Mutual Information Using Tracking Information --Page:371
A Genetic Approach to cDNA Microarray Image Analysis --Page:383

Social Applications of Technological Advances

GIS-based Monitoring and Analysis of Environmental and Epidemiological Factors --Page:395
Education in Computers Conquers Health Care Professional's "Technophobia" --Page:405
Deploying cutting-edge educational services in the Greek School Network --Page:415
Authoring tools & development platforms: Requirements for mobile devices-enabled cultural applications --Page:419
The Societal Impact of Algorithms in Transport Optimization --Page:433

Signal Processing and Telecommunications

Speech Enhancement Using Optimized Wiener Filter for VoIP Speech Codecs --Page:445
A Novel All-Optical ASK/DPSK Label Swapping Technique Based on Pump Depletion Effects in Parametric Amplifiers --Page:455
Improving the performance of a position localization system based on infrared pattern recognition --Page:469

e-business & e-government

Generic Process Models for e-Business Transactions in Heterogeneous Systems --Page:477
Mobile Based e-Democracy: The IBB/PMA e-Voting system --Page:491
Building an eGovernment Services Portal for Local Administrations --Page:503
An Ontology for Municipal Government --Page:515
Implementing Next Generation e-Business Platforms for Heterogeneous SME Environments --Page:531

Technological and Sociological Effects in the Use of e-Applications

Assessing Educational Web-site Usability using Heuristic Evaluation Rules --Page:543
The Influence of Aesthetics and Content Structuring to E-Learning Systems' Users Behavior --Page:551
Strengthening The Security of E-Banking Transactions. The Case of NBG --Page:559
Adult Distrance Education and Training Centre (ADETC)'s E-Learning Model --Page:571
The role of color and visual design in electronic marketplaces --Page:579

Wearable and Mobile Computing

Video Coding and a Mobile Augmented Reality Approach --Page:589
New Techniques for Incremental Data Fusion in Distributed Sensor Networks --Page:599

Web Applications

Vehicle Routing and Road Traffic Simulation: A Smart Navigation System --Page:611
Mobile Electronic Guides for the Masses: Optimizing Tourists Mobile Devices --Page:625
A complete software application providing automated measurements storing, monitoring and feedback for dispersed environmental sensors --Page:635
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